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Wooden Beds

Wooden beds are the most essential bedroom furniture, which is mainly used for sleeping purposes. Wood beds consist of a “headboard”, “side rails” and “footboard” or “front rail” and are important bed frames.

Wooden Bed Frames

The portion of a bed which is used to hold a mattress off the floor is a bed frame or bedstead. The most common bed frames from olden history till today are wooden bed frames. The bed frame consists of the headboards, footboards, and sideboards of most single beds. Some kinds of center support rails are also available for most double beds, even queen and king size beds. These wide beds also often have extra feet that stretch down to the floor. Any kind of wood that can also be polished, painted, or covered with cloth or leather can be created of headboards and footboards.

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Bed Sizes

For the ease of choosing the right sized mattresses, most of the wooden beds comes in uniform sizes. Customized beds may, however, be produced for particular orders. Twin/Single Beds; Full/Double Beds; Queen Beds; and King Beds are the most common styles of beds in traditional sizes.

 In the following table, the regular bed size was provided across various parts of the world.

Types of Wooden Beds

Wooden Platform Storage Bed Beds can be classified into several styles based on layout and use.

Platform Beds

Platform beds have an elevated, flat, hard, horizontal surface that is intended to only hold a mattress. Firm cushioning is provided by platform beds. They do not need a box spring or a mattress base, as they have the protection of slats or solid paneling. The construction of the platform beds itself provides the mattress with sufficient support. Study all about Designs and Patterns for Wooden Platform Beds

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are very highly regarded wooden furniture, specifically designed in modern homes to find solutions. A sofa cum bed looks like a sofa or a couch, but as needed, it can be easily converted into a bed (single or double). A futon varies from a sofa bed, although it is common to have sofa beds using futon mattresses.

Four Poster Beds

At each corner, a four-poster bed has four vertical columns used to support the tester or the bed’s upper panel. This is one of the antique wooden furniture that is popular. You can find many ancient four poster beds dating from the 16th century and earlier in the homes of art lovers.

The tester was used in earlier times to hang bed curtains, but four-poster beds are used in the recent era for draping mosquito nets or some exquisite fabrics to give any bedroom a romantic look.

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Storage Beds

Under the bed frame, some platform beds have drawers to use as extra storage. The storage may be placed under the side rails or may include drawers that are integrated into the bed’s footboard. Some of these storage platform beds have headboard units for retractable storage. Deep storage is provided by this kind of bed.

Bunk Beds

Wooden Bunk Bed One bed frame is piled on top of another in the bunk beds. A bunk bed may also have three levels. In this way, more than one person can sleep on a bed that requires less floor space. These beds are usually used in dorms, summer camp cabins, guesthouses, jail cells, or university residence halls in ships and military garrisons. Bunk beds are the most common children bed

Futon Beds

Futons are typical Japanese bedding types that comprise of padded mattresses and quilts that can be folded and stored during the day. In the sense that they are often set on a wooden bed frame for dual use as a bed and a chair or sofa, most typical wooden futon beds have significant differences. In general, the frame folds in the center to allow the futon to be used as a sofa and flattens to use it as a bed.

Adjustable Beds

There is a multi-hinged lying surface on an adjustable bed that can be tailored to a variety of different positions. It is possible to incline the upper body and to lift the lower body independently of each other. It is also possible to change the height of the bed and it can be rotated in order to lift the upper or lower body. They are often used as hospital beds because, when lying on an adjustable bed, patients who cannot move by themselves can be treated conveniently.

Camp Beds

A thin, compact, lightweight bed used in place of regular beds, typically as outdoor furniture, is a camp bed or cot. They are made up of a lightweight wood folding frame and protected with canvas, cotton or nylon. Therefore, they may also be referred to as folding beds. For their outdoor sports, camp beds are usually used by soldiers or government agencies.

Canopy Beds

Wooden Canopy Bed Anything akin to a four-poster bed is a canopy bed. In general, it is a stylish bed. At each of its four corners, a traditional canopy bed typically has posts that rise four feet high or more well above mattress. Often, ornamented or decorative fabric is placed in the upper space between the posts. To render a fabric ceiling, or canopy directly over the bed, a strong swath of cloth may also be used.

Infant Beds

A small bed primarily intended for the use of children, typically up to 3 years of age, is an infant bed, often also called a cot. The sides of these beds are too tall for a child to ascend and do not have any footholds too. This is intended to keep babies from falling from their beds. These beds may be portable or static (portacots).

Sleigh Beds

There is a curved or scrolled footboard and headboards for a sleigh bed. They look like a sled or sleigh as such, hence the term. These standard wooden beds are very big and owe the kingdoms of ancient Rome and Greece their designs.

Couch Beds

In reality, a couch bed is a wooden sofa that unfolds into something like a bed. It is also regarded as the sleeper sofa or pullout couch.


Not only do you really need something which helps you to enjoy warmth and love in your peaceful sleep, but because the bed serves as the room’s central focus, you need something that also looks really good.



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