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You may expand the elegance of your house to your outdoor space like a wooden garden bench with the appropriate garden furniture. Whether it be a backyard or a small balcony. While offering you lots of good fresh air, a sun lounger or outdoor sofa gives all of your living space. On relaxed Saturday mornings, if you go outside means getting into a hammock, and getting out of bed is a lot easier. What about an afternoon snack against the backdrop of a sunset? A garden table set turns the spectacular views into your private dining room.

Discover a wide range of furniture for outdoor use, and make the most of your balcony, patio or garden.

Garden furniture in different materials

Depending on their intended use, different materials allow for good furniture. Here is a short guide to various materials for outdoor furniture.

Rattan garden furniture

In the moist jungles of Africa, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Rattan is a thin species of cane that develops around big trees. The material can be woven into several distinct shapes when cut into thin strips, and the stronger inner core can be incorporated into wicker. The material has been used for generations to produce woven rattan furniture using this technique. Rattan is very reliable and has a long service life. It can also be handled in a wide range of colors and styles with stains or paints, meaning it is usable. In many ranges, choose a design you like, or choose a neutral color to paint, stain, or treat yourself. You will guarantee that your rattan garden furniture suits your garden, balcony, or conservatory in this way.


Wooden garden furniture

Clearly, the type of wood used for your garden furniture influences its features. Eucalyptus and acacia, for instance, are often used for garden furniture because they are robust and can tolerate weather challenges very well.

They are also pre-treated with many coats of semi-transparent wood stains in order to make the wood furniture even more strong. It helps to prolong their lives.

Make sure your wooden outdoor furniture is well taken care of by treating it with VÅRDA wood stain after each season. You’ll keep it looking fresh for years to come by re-staining the wood.

Synthetic plastic, glass and metal garden furniture

The natural look that rattan or wood can offer you could not be provided by synthetic materials such as plastic, metal, and glass. Yet they’ve got some perks. From discreet and stylish grey to prominent red, you can get this furniture in almost any color you want. Even, after treatment, most synthetic materials won’t require any, just ensure that they are cleaned regularly enough not to get infected by mold.


Take care of your Garden furniture

Know that it’s not indestructible, even though our garden furniture is designed for outdoor usage.

If it is not properly washed, all types of furniture may attract mounds or mildew. It is advisable that you keep your furniture places dry and indoors, like a garage or a shed, during the winter months. If you’re not using a fantastic place inside to store them, you can instead put closed covers over them. This is particularly relevant if you have furniture made of wood or rattan.

Note that your furniture’s colors and textures may fade in the sun. So be sure to design your outdoor space carefully, without exposing it to undue pressure, and get the most out of your furniture.


For a landscaped yard, a garden bench adds the ideal final touch. A comfortable bench at the end of a meandering path or under a favorite tree offers a spot to rest and ponder nature, to wind down from the stresses of everyday life.

Though garden benches, as well as other outdoor furniture, can be crafted from a variety of materials, natural wood for warmth and beauty is difficult to beat. It is necessary to use sturdy, weather-resistant wood when using wood for outside furniture.

Which other wood are you supposed to pick for your garden bench? Here’s a glimpse of some of the most robust and desirable available natural woods.


 Cider Garden bench. Both western cedar and northern white cedar resins make these woods resistant to insects and also rot. If you intend to shift or reorganize your outdoor furniture frequently, Cedar is a light wood, making it a great option.

And if you’d like your bench to fit your house or other interiors, Cedar is also a great option, because it paints and stains well. In fact, annual cleaning and sealing of cedar is advised, because if left unchecked, the soft grain becomes rough over years.

Left in a natural condition, over time, the cedar weathers into an elegant silvery gray. Please keep in mind that cedar is very mild, so it can more easily dent and scratch than tougher woods such as shore or teak. Ironically, because cedar retains water, it is much more resistant to cracking than most other woods, rather than drying out.



Cypress wood contain natural preservative that is both resistant to rot and insects. Without a polish of any sort, Cypress will withstand the elements, but a frequent coat of oil can keep the wood staying fresh longer.

Like cedar, when left unfinished, cypress weathers to a silver gray over time. Cypress is another very stable wood during the seasonal change, with no shrinking or swelling.

Although cypress is a good option for garden furniture, due to the shortage of mature trees, it may be a little hard to find.


Garden bench for Redwood. For the ecologically conscious, the timber of the stately sequoia is not a good choice, because redwood trees grow slowly and are in small supply. However, the wood’s many nice qualities guarantee that redwood can still be used for garden furniture as long as these magnificent trees remain harvestable stands.

Redwood is strong and well weathered, and is often resistant to decomposition and insects in a natural way. Among the most coveted qualities of redwood are durability and a propensity not to shrink or warp.

Redwood, like cedar, is comparatively fragile. All it puts at risk of scratches and dents. A coat of clear sealer will preserve and strengthen the deep brown beauty of redwood. If left unsealed, by staining clothing with the natural tannins that give the tree its name, redwood will take revenge on its owners.



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